Special conditions

Students with foreign higher education qualifications not accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC)

Any student holding a foreign higher education qualification that is not accredited by the MEC may apply to join an official Masters course provided he or she is in possession of a resolution  confirming authorisation from the University of Zaragoza, certifying that the student holds an educational qualification equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Degree qualification, and that this qualification entitles the student to take part in post-graduate studies in the country of issue of the qualification. To this end, prior to applying for admission to the Masters course, the student is required to have applied to the Excmo. y Mgfco. Sr. Rector de la Universidad de Zaragoza for this authorisation.

Translations into English of original documents in other languages are acceptable, but should be validated. The relevant information about the process of validation is accessible at: http://fyl.unizar.es/076-7_informacion.php [NO FUNCIONA]


Application form for students with non-accredited foreign qualifications

If when presenting the application for admission to the official Masters course the University of Zaragoza resolution has not yet been issued, such application shall be dependent on this resolution, and no academic right shall pertain if the resolution is subsequently unfavourable.