Doctoral Theses Successfully Defended in the Programme in Recent Years

Aliaga Lavritsen, Jessica. “Self/Other and the Ethics of Alterity in the Fiction of Brian McCabe.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2010.


Arizti Martín, Bárbara. “Textuality as Striptease: The Discourses of Intimacy in David Lodge’s Changing Places and Small World.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2001.


Artiga León, María Rosario. “A Contribution to the Study of Epistemic Lexical Verbs as Stance Markers in the Academic Lectures of the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English.” Supervisor: Prof. Carmen Pérez-Llantada. 2008.


Asensio Aróstegui, María del Mar. “Recurrent Structural and Thematic Traits in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion and Sexing the Cherry.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2003.


Azcona Montoliu, María del Mar. “All Together Now: The Rise of U.S. Multi- Protagonist Films in the 1990s.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2007.


Baelo Allué, Sonia.  “Bret Easton Ellis: Blank Fiction and the Ambiguities of Popular Culture in Less Than Zero (1985), American Psycho (1991) and Glamorama (1998).” Supervisor: Prof. Francisco Collado. 2007.


Calvo Pascual, Mónica. “History and the Text: Chaos, Madness, and Ideology in Stephen Marlowe's Narratives of Spain.” Supervisor: Prof. Francisco Collado. 2007.


Corona Marzol, Isabel. “Genre Analysis in Action: A Multimodal Approach to Obituary Practice in Contemporary British and Spanish Quality Press. The Discourse of Published / Public Life.” Supervisor: Dr. Rosa Lorés. 2008.


Domingo Baguer, Ignacio. “The Horror of Modernity in Dracula: From Bram Stoker’s. Novel to the Cinema.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2001.


Escudero Alías, María Teresa. “Redefining Gender Identity through Queer Performances: Drag Kings and Female Masculinities.” Supervisor: Dr. Constanza del Río. 2007.


Fraile Murlanch, Isabel. “The Re/De/Construction of an Australian Identity in Janette Turner Hospital’s TheLastMagicianand Oyster.” Supervisor: Dr. Mª Dolores Herrero. 2012.


González Vera, María Pilar. “The translation of recent digital animated movies: The case of Dream Works films Antz, Shrek and Shrek 2 and Shark Tale.” Supervisor: Dr. Ana Hornero. 2010.


Heras Villanueva, Mª del Carmen. “Life, Works and Literary Influences in Eric Kraft’s Novels Herb ‘n Lorna, Reservations Recommended, and Little Follies.” Supervisor: Prof. Francisco Collado. 2005.


Induráin Eraso, Carmen. “A Culture on the Move: Contemporary Representations of the U.S. in Road Movies of the Nineteen Nineties.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2005.


Juan Hatchard, Luis de. “Postmodernist Strategies in Alasdair Gray's Lanark.” Supervisor: Dr. José Angel García Landa. 2001.


Lafuente Millán, Enrique. “A contribution to the interdisciplinary contrastive study of writers’ rhetorical strategies in contemporary research articles in English.” Supervisors: Prof. Ignacio Vázquez, Dr. Rosa Lorés. 2008.


Llantada Díaz, Mª Francisca. “Form and Meaning in Dorothy Miller Richardson’s Pilgrimage: A Critical Reassessment.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2005.


Loyo Gómez, Hilaria. “Star and the Politics of Viewing: Marlene Dietrich and the Socio-Historical Context.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2001.


Martínez Alfaro, Mª Jesús. “Narrative Strategies in Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx, The Sensationist and Betrayals.” Supervisor:  Prof. Susana Onega. 2003.


Mazana Casanova, Ángel. “Analysis of Image Schemas and other Construal in Contractual Drafting.” Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Inchaurralde Besga. 2010.


Mur Dueñas, María Pilar.  “A contribution to the study of metadiscourse in Business Management RAs in English and Spanish: a corpus-driven approach.” Supervisors: Prof. Ignacio Vázquez, Dr. Rosa Lorés. 2007.


Murillo Ornat, Silvia. “A Contribution to the Pragmalinguistic Contrastive Study of Explicatory Reformulative Discourse Markers in Contemporary Journalistic Written English and Spanish.” Supervisor: Prof. Ignacio Vázquez. 2007.


Neumann, Claus-Peter.  “History,  Narrative,  and Agency in Tony Kushner’s Major Plays (Angels in America, Slavs! and Homebody/Kabul).” Supervisor: Prof. Francisco Collado. 2011.


Oliete Aldea, Elena. “Filmic Representations of the British Raj in the 1980s: Cultural Identity, Otherness and Hybridity.” Supervisor: Dr. Chantal Cornut- Gentille D’Arcy. 2009.


Oria Gómez, Beatriz. “Love in the Times of Sex: Intimate Discourse at the Turn of the Milliennium in Sex and the City.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2011.


Orna Montesinos, Concepción. “A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Lexical Profile of Textbooks for Construction and Architecture.” Supervisor: Prof. Carmen Pérez-Llantada. 2010.


Otal Serrano, Lourdes Elena. “The Teaching of English as a Foreign Language and the Evaluation of Didactic Materials Applied to Specialised Fields in Post- Compulsory Secondary Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Inchaurralde. 2004.


Pellicer Ortín, Silvia. “Writing and Self-healing: The Representation of Trauma in Eva Figes’ WinterJourney, KonekLanding, LittleEden, Tales  of Innocence and Experience and Journey to Nowhere.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2012.


Rodríguez Pazos, José Gabriel. “Contextual Mismatches in the Translation into Spanish of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.” Supervisor: Dr. Beatriz Penas. 2004.


Romero Jódar, Andrés. “ The iconical Discourse Community, the Narrative Iconical Subgenres and the Trauma Graphic Novel in English.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2012.


Ruiz Pardos, Manuela. “Trouble in Paradise: The Hollywood Romantic Comedy of the Fifties.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2005.


Tarancón de Francisco, Juan Antonio. “Identity, Genre and Society in the Cinema of John Sayles.” Supervisor: Prof. Celestino Deleyto. 2011.


Yebra Pertusa, José María. “Identity and Intertextuality in the Novels of Alan Hollinghurst.” Supervisor: Prof. Susana Onega. 2009.