AEDEI 2016

The Spanish Association for Irish Studies (AEDEI) brings together professors, lecturers, students and others who share an interest in all aspects related to the history, society, art and literature of Ireland. It is a non-profit academic organization devoted to the appreciation and promotion of Irish culture in Spain.

AEDEI was founded at the University of Burgos in 2001 by Prof. Inés Praga, who was its first president and is now its honorary chairperson. Since its founding, AEDEI has expanded enormously, covering a great number of people working in the area of Irish Studies. The AEDEI annual meetings, which normally take place in May at a Spanish university, provide an opportunity for members to meet and exchange information. Membership can be secured by sending a message to the secretary.

Estudios Irlandeses is the AEDEI journal, a dynamic and specialized e-journal published once a year with contributions from scholars all over the world. Estudios Irlandeses aims to address an ample range of issues related to Irish studies and it has already become an international forum for original research in the field.