Friday PhD Talks

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PhD Talks

“Friday PhD Talks” is an activity that intends to gather together PhD students at the Department of English and German Studies in order to share their current research and the concerns they may have during the process of their doctoral theses.

As such, PhD students at different points of development in their projects and from the different fields of study that our Department involves (e.g. film studies, translation, linguistics and literature) will have the opportunity to discuss their research in an informal environment and to get to know what other colleagues are working on.

The objectives of this activity revolve around the integration and dissemination of knowledge from the different research lines that we are all investigating. Ideally, this will boost the networking and the feedback among PhD candidates and will positively affect the predoctoral research that is now being undertaken at our Department.


Upcoming sessions:

Friday PhD Talk #18. Marta Bagüés Bautista. "Out of the frying pan into the fire? Navigating the transition from being a part-time to a full- time PhD student". 

Past sessions

Year 2023/2024:

Year 2022/2023:

Year 2021/2022:

  • Friday PhD Talk #8. Victoria Santamaría. 20/05/2022 “Abjection and horror cinema: The (very) first steps in my doctoral thesis.”
  • Friday PhD Talk #7. Paula Buil Beltrán. 21/04/2022 “Bringing good out of bad: My thesis project rethought.”
  • Friday PhD Talk #6. Miguel Ángel Vela Tafalla. 24/03/2022 “Almost Done! Reflections at the end of the PhD Journey.”
  • Friday PhD Talk #5. Sergio Marqueta. 25/02/2022 “Cine, filosofía y aburrimiento (por ese orden).”
  • Friday PhD Talk #4. Paula Wood. 21/01/2022 “Using audiovisual materials in the EFL classroom: Discursive and visual analysis.”
  • Friday PhD Tall #3. Violeta Duce. 17/12/2021. “Walking the PhD path: assets and liabilities of research a worldwide known contemporary author.”
  • Friday PhD Talk #2. Isabel Treviño. 19/11/2021. “PhD in Film Studies: Challenges I have faced (and you might too).”
  • Friday PhD Talk #1. Lucas Baeyens Morata. 29/10/2021. “Improving the pronunciation of problematic consonants of English for Spanish learners through intralingual dubbing activities.”


Organizing committee 2022/2023: María Abizanda, Andrés Buesa and Paula Wood