Doctoral Program in English Studies

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PhD. Programme in English Studies

The Doctoral Programme in English Studies (initially English Philology) was created in the year 1986-87 to offer students coming from the B.A. Degree in English Philology the academic environment to continue their education and initiate their research in our field. The Programme was initially focused in the areas of English Literature and English Language and Linguistics. Gradually it incorporated other areas such as Film and Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Acquisition and English for Specific Purposes. The original programme was replaced by successive programmes until the current Programme in English Studies (99/2011) was created. In the course of the last three decades the programme has consolidated its main lines of research supported by successive research projects and consolidated research groups. Currently, it is the only Doctoral Programme in Spain that offers a specific line of research in Film Studies in English and one of the most prestigious research programmes in the area of contemporary literatures in English. Its three core lines of research are: a) English linguistics, with a special interest in digital genres, global English and the use of English in academic contexts: b) contemporary literatures in English with a strong theoretical and cultural component; and c) film studies, with an emphasis on transnational cinema and the cinema of globalization, film genres and cosmopolitan theory. Our students receive a strong theoretical training, and are offered opportunities to establish links and collaborations with the best international researchers in their respective areas.


Tutorials: To be arranged with the students's tutor.

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