Programme Activities

This Programme does not include any specific course load. The Programme endeavours to provide its students with the most conducive environment for intensive research. Students bring their preliminary research training from their Masters degrees and during the time of their PhD  degree those skills are sharpened and put to practical use. In order to help students develop their research experience, discuss their research with others, and expose them to the work of more senior researchers, we propose the following activities:



On a periodical basis, students will meet to discuss research methodologies, exchange their views and share problems and experiences. These seminars will be supervised by the Programme coordinator and will be occasionally attended by other research tutors who will also share their own experiences with the students.



During the academic year, students will attend at least three meetings with members of the research groups that participate in the PhD Programme, depending on the research line they have chosen. In these meetings, group members design and develop research projects, discuss the development of their research, formulate conclusions and  discuss future projects. The main objective of these activities is to provide students with models to follow and research strategies to use when writing their dissertation.



Students will be invited to attend a number of one-week intensive seminars taught by prestigious researchers from other universities and institutions who will be invited to our department depending on our budgetary capabilities. These activities will be scheduled yearly. Whenever possible, the calendar will be published every year, at the beginning of the academic year, on this web page.

These activities will be compulsory for first-year students within each research line. First-year students from the other lines, as well as other doctoral students, will also be welcome to participate in the seminars regularly. It is to be hoped that this participation will continue throughout the whole period of writing the dissertation. In addition to these activities, the students will hold periodical meetings with their supervisor to monitor the development of their individual research.