Admittance Requirements

Acceptance of applications and student placement will conform to the norms of the University of Zaragoza and the current Spanish legislation (Real Decreto 35/2011, de 10 de febrero, Artículos 6 y 7). The relevant information (in Spanish)  can be accessed  at (for a summary in English of the procedure, see below).

Students’ applications will be assessed by the Programme Academic Committee. Preference will be given to the following:

a)   Students who have completed the Master Degree in Textual and Cultural Studies in English of the University of Zaragoza, or another research-track Master degree with similar content.

b)   Graduates in English Philology or English Studies who are in possession of an official research-track Master degree who have taken curricular subjects with similar contents to those offered in the Master.

c)   Graduates in other modern languages, literatures and cultures who are in possession of an official research-track Master degree and have an appropriate knowledge of the literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries, and are fluent in English.

d)  Graduates in Humanities or Social Sciences with a good grasp of literature in English, English linguistics and the cultures of English-speaking countries and who are in possession of an official Master degree.

e)  Other university graduates who are in possession of an official research-track Master degree.


The grades obtained by students in their degrees, particularly in subjects related to linguistics, literature, culture and cinema in English will also be taken into account. Fluency in English is required (European Reference Framework for Languages: C1). Other degrees or academic and research achievements will also be considered. In the case of applicants from other universities, the similarities of the contents of their  degrees to those of the Master will be taken into account. It must be noted that current academic legislation indicates that in order to be accepted to a PhD Programme it is necessary to have obtained at least 60 credits from an official Graduate Programme, or to have an official Master’s degree, as well as having completed at least 300 credits counting both B.A. and Master’s degrees. Students who do not comply with the said requirements may be asked to take one or several courses in  our  master degree before acceptance in the doctoral Programme is granted.